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Maine requiring cannabis label for recreational products

Maine regulators adopted a symbol that will be required on marijuana products sold for recreational use, starting next year. The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy partnered with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to unveil a shared universal symbol for cannabis and marijuana products. The symbol, already in use in Massachusetts, features a red triangle with […]

Nevada regulators suspend Reno marijuana grower

Nevada cannabis regulators suspended the license of a Reno cultivator, just days after the beginning of an investigation into the industry by a governor-appointed, multiagency task force. The cultivator, Helio, was notified of the suspension Friday, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. The action comes as a task force has been making unannounced spot inspections of several […]

Cannabis licensing decisions challenged by marijuana firms

Cannabis companies, particularly multistate operators (MSOs), are increasingly incorporating lawsuits into their licensing application strategy in a bid to secure a permit in a highly sought-after market. That strategy of preparing to fight license rejections by state regulators, especially those lost by a narrow margin, is based on a number of factors: Many marijuana business […]