Month: November 2019

Massachusetts recreational cannabis market currently held back

Massachusetts’ mandated “host community agreements” (HCAs) between municipalities and marijuana businesses are under intense scrutiny, with cannabis companies complaining they are unfair and costly and federal prosecutors reportedly investigating their terms. The probe comes in the wake of a cannabis bribery case in Fall River and only a few months after the FBI announced in […]

US House panel passes federal cannabis legalization bill in historic vote

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a sweeping cannabis reform bill by a vote of 24-10, a milestone moment that moves the multibillion-dollar marijuana industry a step closer to federal legalization. If adopted into law, the social justice-focused Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2019 could open up huge business opportunities […]

California marijuana market has no clear path forward

California’s cannabis industry continues to struggle with problems that remain much the same since early 2018 when the state transitioned to a legal market – and no clear solutions have yet emerged.  At a two-day marijuana industry conference in Long Beach, California, this past weekend, state regulators and industry insiders mingled to lament those familiar […]

England’s health insurance has covered only 18 ‘unlicensed’ cannabis prescriptions

Since a new law took effect a year ago, England’s National Health Service (NHS) has reimbursed patients on only 18 occasions for “unlicensed” cannabis-based products that have not undergone clinical trials, according to government data. In the case of private prescriptions – which are paid out of pocket by patients – the number of prescriptions reached 104. The data […]